My Writing Portfolio

Here are links to some of my favorite stories I wrote during my five years at the Connection Newspapers. 

This one was probably the most fun I ever had writing a story:

This could have been the craziest story I wrote ... 

... if this one hadn't come along ...

... followed a few months later by this:

Paul Stanley was clearly my most awesome interview ... 

... although this guy was up there: 

This was the centerpiece of a portfolio that won me a second-place award for feature writing from the Virginia Press Association: 

On the subject of VPA awards, this series of stories took a first-place for general news writing:

This was the centerpiece of a portfolio that won third place for health, science and environmental writing. It was one of the more interesting controversies I covered: 

Speaking of controversies, the "town hall" meeting on health insurance reform had the wildest crowd I've ever seen outside a rock show.

Another fascinating controversy of sorts, and just an oddball story: 

This was an ... eccentric interview: 

Here are some of the stories I wrote about the Tysons Corner rezoning, one of the biggest redevelopment projects in the country. Obviously, they're here because of the complexity of the story, rather than the fun factor:

Here's a nice feel-good story:

And here's another: 

In a way, this one qualifies as well: 

Obituaries for troops killed in the Middle East required some of the most difficult interviews, but they always meant a lot to the families.

Obituaries for local teenagers: Also heartbreaking, but something for the parents to hold onto.

This guy probably had the most amazing life story of anyone I interviewed ...

... although this guy's story was also pretty wild: 

It's incredible, the lengths some people go to in order to make their homes environmentally friendly. 

Here's an interesting concept, especially given what some banks were up to in recent years:

Of course, I covered a lot of topics that don't appear here, but, frankly, they just weren't as interesting.